On The Menu


  • Falafel with all the fun falafely fixings as follows:
  • Zahav’s Tahini Sauce: This is the creamiest, lightest, most luscious tahini sauce I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. And, I have an Israeli husband. Translation: we have tried just about every version of tahini and hummus everywhere, including all over Israel. This is, hands down, the winner. The link will take you to Michael Solomonov’s recipe for hummus tahini (which is also unbelievable), but the sauce recipe is in the instructions. The first time I made his tahini and hummus my husband swooned. And then he proceeded to make dinner reservations at Solomonov’s restaurant Zahav, which is 3 hours away mind you. So yes, we made a road trip to Philadelphia just to dine at Zahav. His food IS THAT GOOD.
  • Zahav’s beets with tahini and dill: use up more of that wonderful tahini sauce you just made. This salad has turned beet haters into true beet lovers. Magic!
  • Roasted red pepper salad with harissa
  • Sumac onion salad: thinly slice red onions. Toss with mint, lemon juice, salt and sumac
  • Israeli salad: Finely chop the following and mix with lemon juice and salt and pepper: red onion, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, fresh mint and/or parsley




  • Leftover falafel: the beauty of all that work on Saturday — the entire feast makes great leftovers.


  • It’s the anniversary of the day my husband proposed — 13 years ago! We are going to our favorite Italian restaurant, Cinghiale. It works out nicely that our “anniversary” falls on a Tuesday this year as it’s half-priced bottles of vino on Tuesdays at Cinghiale. And, they have one heck of a wine cellar.


  • Leftover Burmese stew


  • Lucky Peach lamb burgers: These were on my list to make all summer long. Well, I never got around to it and I cannot wait any longer. Summer be damned!
  • Roasted green bell peppers and onions

Dinner Party Drama!

What do you do with a magnum of Bordeaux that is ready and MUST BE OPENED? You cook a bunch of French food and invite a few friends over to share.

Le Menu:


Hors d’oeuvres

Smoked salmon with cognac-caraway creme, cucumber, toasts: I made my own homemade mayo for this. ROCK STAR appetizer!

Soft-cooked eggs with fresh lemon mayonnaise: another use for homemade mayo. The stuff is delicious and can be eaten with a spoon. It tastes NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the jarred crap. Make it yourself and you shall see. 

Marinated olives: easy to make, easy to eat.

Foie gras and jam sandwiches: these were just plain fun. 


Boeuf Bourguignonne: no intro needed here. 

Greens with mustard vinaigrette

Crusty bread


Bittersweet chocolate mousse with fleur de sel: OH. MY. Where has this recipe been all my life? This is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s also gluten-free and dairy free of all things. Just chocolate, water and muscle! 

I thought I was so cool and prepared. I made just about everything the day before the party — mayonnaise, sauces, marinades, dessert, even the beef (it’s better the next day anyway). I also did all the shopping and was calm as can be the morning of. I went to the gym without a care, knowing that I had very little left to do in terms of party prep. Or so I thought.

My darling husband didn’t properly shut our refrigerator door the night before. Gone. Everything tossed. And I mean everything. Our fridge was 80 degrees so out went all of my homemade jams, pickles, sauces, curds, not to mention everything I had made for the party.

Alas, we did a remake! And everything came out even better in my opinion. Crazy day, but certainly a fun evening with friends.


foie gras & jam

Foie Gras & Jam Sandwiches



smoked salmon 2

Smoked Salmon with Cognac Sauce



Homemade Mayo