Meet The Author

The Basics:

  • I am a 40-something working woman.
  • I live in Baltimore with my husband of 12 years.
  • We have no children (no big surprise there).
  • I love to cook and eat (shocking, I know).
  • I dance to Michael Jackson music while I cook. Yes, this does include the moonwalk. I am probably grooving right this minute.
  • I travel for food. My husband is still getting used to this.
  • I read cookbooks and recipes for fun.
  • I am happiest when I am in my kitchen with my husband nearby, chatting away.
  • I am a miserable baker.
  • My favorite food is peanut-butter. Followed closely by pici pasta, funky, barnyard cheese and a perfectly ripe persimmon.
  • I fully support picking up one’s plate and licking it.
  • I have been known to man-handle an entire turkey carcass so I could suck off every last glorious bit.
  • I have one sweet kitty named Samba. She enjoys bonito flakes, licking my husband’s hairy legs, playing with her stuffed yellow duck and the color pink.

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