Weekly Menu — 1/12/13

Week of January 12th

  • We are headed out to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday so no cooking tonight. Off to try Pabu at the new Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Baltimore.


  • Honey-roasted Cornish game hens with preserved lemons (the recipe actually calls for whole chicken, but I often prefer either game hens or as I like to call them, mini-chickens. They are a perfect little package of both white & dark meat for those who enjoy both.)
  • Roasted red pepper and onion salad with Spanish blue cheese (Cabrales or Valdeon)
  • Red quinoa with toasted pistachios (I am trying hard to get on board with the whole quinoa thing. I still think it’s more fun to say than to eat. Perhaps this new recipe will make me a believer. I will keep you posted.)


  • Greek-style roasted shrimp with tomatoes, feta and capers. *TIME SAVER* (Peel and de-vein the shrimp the day before and keep on ice) This is a bit of my own creation. Simply roast tomatoes with capers and perhaps a bit of garlic. Add shrimp or scallops, crumbled feta cheese and fresh oregano and it’s Greece on a plate. 
  • Simple green salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil


  • Crispy duck breasts with chile-pomegranate sauce *TIME SAVER* (make the sauce on the weekend, it keeps well in the fridge for several days and freezes beautifully). This recipe is a winner. If you enjoy more heat at your house as we do, toss in a bit more adobo sauce.
  • “Celery root” remoulade (no celeriac available, so I will be substituting golden beets and rutabagas)




Thursday & Friday:
  • Leftovers as I am packing for our upcoming Caribbean cruise!

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