Julia Child’s Roast Pork

This tenderloin recipe looks deceptively dull, but truly packs quite a bit of flavor. It’s best on the grill but was also delicious in the oven last night.  It did seem on the salty side, however, so I recommend a light hand with the shaker. The recipe as is allows for plenty of leftovers, which can easily be re-purposed into spectacular lunches. I foresee thinly sliced pork sandwiches and cubed pork to top off a feta and beet-green salad with a citrus vinaigrette.

I wouldn’t waste my time again with the charred lemon-shallot chutney. It wasn’t bad, just not worth the effort and the pork can definitely stand alone. Plus, the chutney looks like pond scum.  See for yourself below.




2 thoughts on “Julia Child’s Roast Pork

  1. Chuntey is an acquired taste, and most Americans have not acquired it. I count myself as one that is not usually enamored with it’s siren call. The pork however does look great. I could see a tortilla filled with said leftover
    pork and rice, with a Carribean hot sauce for dipping in its future.

  2. Love your idea for leftovers, may have to try that out, so thank you. I am one of those unusual chutney lovers, particularly the heady, spicy Indian kind, but this one was sort of dull and not overly inspiring.

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