Ginger-Apricot Shrimp

Yum! This meal was so warm and satisfying on a chilly March evening. Although this shrimp dish often tastes better the day after it’s made, I decided to make it the same day and ramp up the flavor profile by tweaking some of the ingredients. I doubled the spice paste and sauce mixture and made sure to use hot Madras curry powder rather than a mild version. The result? A fabulously fragrant and spice-packed meal that warmed the belly. Roasted and caramelized cauliflower seasoned with just sea-salt and pepper help temper the heat and provided a nice foil to the highly spiced dish. I prepared the spice paste and sauce mix on Sunday, which meant this came together very quickly after a long day at work.

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower



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