Weekly Menu — 3/09/2013

Week of March 9th

  • Tonight is Supper Club night, so we are off to our friends’ home to participate in a “Chopped” themed dinner party. I will be making a first course salad with my three assigned ingredients — avocados, horseradish and mascarpone cheese. I plan to make a fennel and avocado salad with toasted pepitas and a horseradish-mascarpone dressing (just add the soft cheese to the dressing, 1 tsp at a time to taste). I may even sprinkle in a few diced candied kumquats for color. 




  • Adobo chicken 
  • Brown rice
  • Sriracha brussels sprouts: this recipe is courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine. Simply roast, saute or steam your sprouts, then drizzle with the following vinaigrette: 

Whisk Sriracha, honey and fresh lime juice to taste. Season with salt & pepper if needed


  • Gal’s Night Out! I am checking out a new local Italian joint with friends. I am certain this means my husband will enjoy a nacho night at home. 


  • Leftover Adobo chicken or duck tonight 
  • Simple green salad


  • Likely leftovers tonight once again. Otherwise, I will poach eggs and put them over sautéed mushrooms and crispy bacon. 


  • As usual, this is often date night. 

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