Weekly Menu — 4/6/2013

Week of April 6th

  • We have no clue what we are doing tonight for dinner (this is a rare circumstance). We are attending an afternoon wine-tasting event and aren’t sure yet what, if anything, we’ll be munching on during the afternoon. We are trying out a lovely Italian restaurant for lunch, so my hope is that a big lunch in combination with some afternoon wine and cheese will tide us over until morning. 


  • Grilled Asian chicken with tare (soy basting sauce). This recipe actually calls for making chicken meatballs. I am sure they are delicious, but if I don’t feel like dealing with meatballs on Sunday afternoon, I will simply marinate chicken breasts in the meatball spices and baste with the tare sauce. 
  • Seaweed salad
  • Grilled vegetables from the farmer’s market (our beloved market opens for the season today, so that is where we’ll be every Sunday morning until Christmas). 




  • Leftover Asian chicken and salad




  • Tuscan pepper chicken with fresh lemon (this recipe is one of the most simple yet utterly delicious recipes I have ever come across. Although you can easily roast the chicken in the oven, we prefer to toss the breast halves on the grill. Don’t be shy about the freshly ground black pepper and lemon wedges — they make this dish). 
  • Simple green salad or grilled vegetables


  • Friday Night Date Night!

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