Weekly Menu — 6/08/2013

Week of June 8th


Tonight is our Supper Club and we are playing host and hostess. The theme: All American BBQ. My husband and I are providing cocktails, burgers and dessert. Our guests will surprise us with the rest. Trust me, if you are the burger-type (hell, even if you aren’t — like me), you will adore these babies. The combination of caramelized onions, blue cheese and spicy mayo is outstanding.




  • Farmer’s Market fish (whatever looks good)
  • Roasted or grilled Farmer’s Market vegetables


  • Leftover andouille burgers 
  • Green salad




  • Leftover saffron-crusted chicken
  • Simple green salad


  • Something very light & super quick. We are teaching and performing at a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner dance party tonight. Not only do we need to rush over to the event after work, but I’ll need to don a slinky dance outfit and remain light on my feet. I wouldn’t want my dear husband to tip over. 

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