Turkey Day

I’ll take a quick break from our European travels to mention the ultimate food holiday — Thanksgiving. Just dear husband and me at home this year with a 12 pound fresh birdie from the farmer’s market.

Fresh Roasted Turkey

Fresh Roasted Turkey

The bird was juicy and delicious thanks to an easy dry brine, but the sweet potatoes were the star of the show. Delicious with a shallot vinaigrette, homemade glazed walnuts and freshly fried sage leaves … all topped with crumbled Stilton cheese. Yum!

The menu was sparse given it was just the two of us, but I also included my all-time favorite cranberry sauce and pan-fried brussels sprouts with bacon and raisins. And for dessert — why a lovely cheese plate of course. What can I say, my heart and stomach are still in France.


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