Thinking about Grape Jelly

I have never made grape jelly or grape jam.

However, I had been thinking about grape jelly recently (who hasn’t, after-all?) when I came across a gorgeous pile of deep purple Concord grapes at our Baltimore farmer’s market.

So, what do you do with a pile of grapes and google on the task to ferret out recipes for grape jam? Well, when you come across a recipe with a review from a woman who writes, “this is the best jam I’ve ever tasted and I’m about to turn 93,” you make jam.

Seriously, how could I not? The woman is 93. That is a lot of jam.

So that is my project this week. I shall keep you posted on the jam plan. Now I must go order a food-mill via Amazon Prime. Love that next-day service.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Grape Jelly

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