Korean-Themed Supper Club

Southern comfort. Eastern European. Thai. Julia Child French. Kuala Lumpur street food. And now Korean. What do these all have in common? Well, not much really, except they have all been past themes for our Supper Club events. This Supper Club group just rocks if I do say so myself — and, we have managed to hold it together now for over four years.

So on Saturday, dear husband and I hosted a Korean-themed event. I made the appetizers and main course and the remainder of the group brought the rest. I believe each one of us went back for seconds of everything — and more than one person raced into the kitchen to swipe hunks of crispy, crunchy, heavenly pork skin. Oink! Clearly a success!

Korean Menu: 


Caramel shrimp shots: essentially stir-fried shrimp in caramel sauce. Technically more Vietnamese than Korean

Tteok Kkochi (fresh rice cake skewers ) recipe from the blog Beyond Kimchee. Everyone loved these skewers. I made over two dozen and they just about disappeared. The only changes I made were in the sauce — I used my own homemade ketjap manis in place of ketchup and my own concord grape jam in place of strawberry jam. 

Korean Rice Cake Skewers

Korean Rice Cake Skewers

Main Event

Momofuku’s Bo Ssam: a big ass pig part, cooked for a very long time. If you dig pig, make this dish. The beginning of the recipe even reads, “This is a recipe to win the dinner party sweepstakes.” Enough said. 


Ginger-scallion sauce

Ssam sauce

Soft boiled 3-minutes eggs


Korean sticky rice

All the fixings for lettuce wraps with the pig.

All the fixings for lettuce wraps with the pig.


Eggplant veggie rolls with mayonnaise and spicy sauce: fresh and delicious

Eggplant Rolls

Eggplant Rolls


 Mochi cake: ADDICTIVE! I cannot ever have this in my house again. Not EVER. 


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