Week in Review

This week’s highlight was that candied lemon salad. Sounds odd, I know, but the mild sweetness of the lemon is tamed by the strong mustard and briny olives in the vinaigrette. It’s a beautiful, bright salad and one that I have already made three times this week.

Candied lemon salad. I added a bit more mustard, but I can eat the stuff with a spoon.

Composed candied lemon salad

Everything we ate this week gets put in the “Remake Category.” On the good side, everything we had this week I would actually make again. On the down side, everything we had this week I would actually make again — ack! Too many recipes, too many food combinations, not enough time!

The roast chicken with plums was surprisingly delicious. My dear husband (who has a thing about dry chicken) claimed it a juicy birdie, even when re-heated as leftovers. Just be sure to turn the oven down to 325 or 350 after the first 20 minutes or you risk burned plums.

A juicy, spiced chicken pairs beautifully with roasted plums. Who knew?

A juicy, spiced chicken pairs beautifully with roasted plums. Who knew?

Grilled Rockfish with Charred Eggplant and Peppers

Grilled Rockfish with Charred Eggplant and Peppers (topped with toasted pepitas)


Fish Taco Night

YUM! These were fresh and crunchy (would never guess they were baked, not fried) fish tacos. What a great mid-week meal. Easy, fast and fresh. And fun to eat, no less.

Pan-Roasted Fish Tacos

Pan-Roasted Fish Tacos

I followed the recipe for the most part except I used whole wheat panko and omitted the mayo on the corn — used olive oil instead. I also added more heat to the panko/pepita coating, but that is just a personal preference. And finally, I couldn’t resist roasting a batch of hatch chiles.

Crack open a beer or, in my husband’s case, mix a fancy cocktail with tequila and mole bitters and dinner is served. Ole!

Thinking about Grape Jelly

I have never made grape jelly or grape jam.

However, I had been thinking about grape jelly recently (who hasn’t, after-all?) when I came across a gorgeous pile of deep purple Concord grapes at our Baltimore farmer’s market.

So, what do you do with a pile of grapes and google on the task to ferret out recipes for grape jam? Well, when you come across a recipe with a review from a woman who writes, “this is the best jam I’ve ever tasted and I’m about to turn 93,” you make jam.

Seriously, how could I not? The woman is 93. That is a lot of jam.

So that is my project this week. I shall keep you posted on the jam plan. Now I must go order a food-mill via Amazon Prime. Love that next-day service.

On The Menu — 9/13/2015

Week of September 13th


Autumn has been calling my name recently, hence the hankering for the traditional Sunday dinner below:

  • Roast chicken with plums and shallots
  • Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic:  This is an easy one — scrub potatoes and toss in a pan with a few good glugs of olive oil. Add chopped fresh rosemary (or any other fresh herbs you like), whole garlic cloves and salt and pepper. Your house will smell divine.
  • Crisp green salad with a simple mustard vinaigrette




  • Pan-roasted chicken with feta and figs:  I adore fresh figs. I like them plain, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, chopped into yogurt, made into jam … oh the pleasures! We had a tiny fig tree that produced 3 figs every season (has since died), but I relished those 3 bites of glory each year. That being said, it’s fig season. Go get some.
  • Grilled broccolini with lemon and pine nuts 




  • Grilled tuna burgers with lightly pickled fennel and mache slaw: I am going bun-less and plan to serve these bad-boys over a slaw of sorts. Gently pickle thinly sliced fennel (cucumbers would also be excellent here and more traditional) in white wine vinegar with a pinch or two of sugar. Toss this mixture with a bit of sesame oil,  mache, toasted sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and some heat — I am partial to Gochugaru, a Korean ground chile flake.
  • Wasabi mayonnaise and pickled ginger,  for serving


  • Crispy-skinned grilled Maryland rockfish: the trick to getting the skin crispy-crunchy is in the preparation. Pat the fish dry and set in the refrigerator, uncovered, sans salt and seasonings for an hour if you can. The skin will dry out and viola, crispy, potato-chippy fish skin. Season the fish once you get it on the grill, skin-side down to start.
  • Grilled eggplant and peppers from the farmer’s market
  • Grilled corn on the cob, also from the farmer’s market