Curry, Curry Everywhere!

I won’t lie, this was a bit of a project, but definitely worthwhile. Of course, now my house, my clothes and even my kitty smell like curry, but in a good way.

The spiced, curried meatballs were wonderful. I used grass-fed beef at 15% fat and I cannot figure out why they were so incredibly soft and meltingly tender. Perhaps the yogurt folded in with the meat? Regardless — success! These little balls of heaven were flavorful enough on their own, but nestle them into a vat of spicy Indian curry and it’s a showstopper.

Indian meatballs

I paired the meatballs with a curried beet and carrot salad, a sweet and sour tomato chutney and an herbed yogurt sauce. I look forward to making this meal again and serving it to friends for a full review.


2 thoughts on “Curry, Curry Everywhere!

  1. Looks yummy. For a natural deodorizer try boiling a bit of cinnamon or cloves after dinner while doing the dishes.

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