On The Menu



It’s Supper Club night and the theme is Cuban. I am bringing dessert and plan to make a Cuban coconut rum flan. I have no idea what the remainder of the menu entails, but I look forward to devouring what our friends choose to create.






  • Leftover night


  • Steaks with mushrooms sauteed in red wine and shallots: I am going to wing this as I go along. I will post my loosely followed recipe, assuming it’s worth posting.
  • Roasted tomatoes with Stilton and arugula: Yes, I know I just made this. It was that good. Plus, I have a love affair with blue cheese.


  • We are likely having leftovers again tonight. That, or omelets based on what’s left in my refrigerator. I already know that by the time we get to Thursday, I will be zonked. I have a very busy work week …
  • Some kind of vegetable or big-ass salad

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