New York, New York

My husband and I are going to Per Se this weekend. YES! YES! YES! This level of utter excitement could really only be topped if my husband pranced me into Tiffany’s and said,  “anything you want, it’s yours.” So YES! YES! YES! I am eagerly anticipating foodie nirvana.

So, anyone perusing a blog entitled Dining With DINKS should know that Per Se is a restaurant. Supposedly a highfalutin one. In New York City. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s one of only seven Michelin-rated three star restaurants in Manhattan. And one of only 93 world-wide. It’s the kind of restaurant that can drive you bonkers trying to get a reservation. You might find yourself jabbing your redial button repeatedly over the better part of an hour until you finally get something besides a busy signal — only to find you are now on hold for another 20 minutes. And then you finally get a glorious voice on the line, only to discover that all of the “two-tops” are gone and all that remains is a table for four. And no, you cannot just waltz in as a couple and claim your “four-top.” You must either take the table and hope to find two more to join you on said date, or you plan to play the phone game again the next day, and perhaps the next day, and perhaps the day after that …

But, we managed to get in AND score a coveted table for two. So will it all be worth it? I am certainly expecting so, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Now all I have to do is eat leaves and seeds until the big night so I can prepare for the onslaught of 9 heavenly courses with paired wines.

So that is what us DINKS are up to this weekend. I cannot imagine a better way to launch my new blog then with an upcoming foodie heaven trip to NYC — with 4 nights and 5 days-worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Once again, nothing but squirrel food until we depart.


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