The Per Se Experience

Please go to Per Se. If you like food and enjoy going to restaurants, then do yourself a favor — Go. To. Per Se.

Yes, it’s still just food on a plate, but dining doesn’t get much more exciting than this. It knocked the high-heeled pumps off the City of Light’s famously French restaurant La Tour d’ Argent — which was indeed incredible. But, view of the Eiffel Tour aside, Per Se, quite simply, made me moan.

I will dream about the delicate ribbons of cheese chef Thomas Keller paired with a persimmon cake. I will compare every steak tartare to his. And, who knew a perfectly prepared hunk of sturgeon could make me close my eyes and sigh with pleasure? I don’t even have a sweet tooth, but I only managed to take my hands off the freshly fried doughnuts long enough to open a surprise little blue box from Tiffany’s  — they were THAT GOOD.

It was a dining experience well worth having.

The only mistake of the evening? Thinking it would be a one-time dining adventure for us. Not a chance. I cannot imagine NOT going back for more.


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