Oops …

I am a bad, bad food blogger. I ignored my own Tuesday night menu in favor of going out to dinner last night instead. I was too tired after work to deal with chopping vegetables, making a sauce and poaching eggs. Although, if I am completely honest with myself, the real reason was simply that I needed meat. After several days of vegetarian-ish meals, I was desperate to sink my carnivorous teeth into meat. Any meat! All meat! Preferably something beefy and bloody. Ahhhh, I found my satisfaction at Blue Hill Tavern, our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

As usual, Blue Hill did not disappoint. We love cozying up to the bar and enjoying their spectacular happy hour specials as much as we enjoy sitting down to a lovely, leisurely meal in the dining room (the Chateaubriand for two is one of our favorites). Last night, however, was a casual bar night. I had a hankering for their chopped salad followed by a bowl of the Spanish beef soup. This soup is beefy, tomatoey, spicy and absolutely perfect on a cold night. My husband, after contemplating between his two usual favorites — the Kobe beef burger and the crispy calamari salad — went with the squid. Clearly, he did not share my overwhelming desire  for a dose of meat. Traitor. Although, to be fair, he likely was still recovering from his “homemade” canned chicken nachos on Super Bowl Sunday. We are both looking forward to returning to Blue Hill soon to sample some of the new menu items, particularly the whole fish, blackened tuna and veal chop. That is, of course, if we can pass up the Chateaubriand.

So clearly, I nixed my original plan to dine on Tunisian poached eggs in favor of a bowl of meat. Oh well, it happens. Expect the dish to surface on another menu soon, especially since I already made the harissa sauce.  I promise to get back into the kitchen tonight.


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