Prosciutto-Wrapped Halibut

This dish will forever remind me of my mother-in-law, who scrunched her nose at it and pronounced it as “too prosciutto-ey.” How is that even possible? Please ignore her.

This is a dish I would order over and over again from a restaurant menu. If you enjoy prosciutto and you like fish (heck, even if you are on the ho-hum side of fish), do yourself a favor and make this dish. It’s almost as easy as ordering take-out but oh so much more satisfying. It’s simple, dinner-party worthy and just takes a few key ingredients: buttery delicate fish, salty pig, white wine and fresh herbs — it’s hard to go wrong here. Once again, I sent my husband to Frank’s Seafood Market for the fish and I continue to be amazed by the quality and value. How could it be any fresher? Only if I caught it myself, that’s how.

Flash in the pan time

Flash in the pan


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