Saturday Night Dinner & Dancing

Fleet Street Kitchen was, once again, a huge hit. Every dish we ordered was repeat-worthy. We enjoyed the following:


fluke crudo & pork belly (the former light, tender and citrusy; the latter, sublimely bacony and crispy)

Main Courses:

Snapper with kale and clams and slow-roasted leg of lamb

Side of shaved brussels sprouts

Yum, yum and yum. What I love about this restaurant is that every item on the plate is noteworthy. Whether it’s the tiny dollop of creamy citrus, the silky pepper sauce, the crispy corn cake or the savory tomato jam — the chef clearly pays attention to every last detail and it shows.

This restaurant is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. Click here for my original restaurant review.

 After Fleet Street it was time to put on our dancing shoes (literally) and find another venue (unfortunately, there is no dancing to be had at Fleet Street Kitchen). We ventured to the newly renovated 13th Floor restaurant and lounge at the Belvedere Hotel. The space is gorgeous, with fabulous city views and a very swanky vibe. I can’t comment on the food, but the one glass of wine we ordered tasted like cheap boxed wine. However, the pianist was excellent — played a lot of Frank Sinatra — and we were able to get in a few Foxtrots and a Nightclub Two Step. I am hesitant to dine here, but would certainly return for cocktails and dancing.


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