Weekly Menu — 4/13/2013

Week of April 13th

I admit that some of my menu items this week are repeats from last week. This is only because I never got around to preparing them last week (and I am still craving them), so back on the menu they go. I must have over-bought ingredients as we were swimming in leftovers, so, rather than waste food, we dined on re-purposed leftovers for much of the week. So, a few of this week’s dishes may look familiar …



  • Lucknowi lamb chops on the grill (from Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue)
  • Green herb chutney (also from Planet Barbecue)
  • Simple green salad with tomatoes and feta




  • Leftover Tunisian chicken and green salad


  • Leftover lamb or chicken
  • Tomato & feta salad


  • Tuscan pepper chicken with fresh lemon (this recipe is one of the most simple yet utterly delicious recipes I have ever come across. Although you can easily roast the chicken in the oven, we prefer to toss the breast halves on the grill. Don’t be shy about the freshly ground black pepper and lemon wedges — they make this dish). 


  • We are off to Atlantic City for a long weekend at the beach! Not quite Vegas, but perhaps I can get away with some sequins and flash. 

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