Tunisian Chicken on the Grill

This was easy to make and fun to eat, although it definitely needed more heat. I will add some harissa or fresh peppers to the sauce when we play the leftover game later this week. Definitely worth it to make both the sauce and the relish as the combo was unusually good. Plus, the sauce does double duty at the marinade, so you need to make that one regardless. I served this over soba noodles dressed with homemade harissa and lemon juice. My husband cleaned his plate.

Kebabs with Hot Pepper Noddles, Sauce & Relish

Kebabs with Hot Pepper Noodles, Sauce & Relish

We enjoyed the above meal on Saturday evening and I had high hopes of repeating a fabulous meal on the grill with Indian-spiced lamb on Sunday. Alas, however, I woke up with a nasty head cold, which wiped out my appetite and certainly rendered the idea of highly spiced lamb unappealing. That being said, Sunday dinner was low-key so we’ll attempt the lamb next week.


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