Weekly Menu — 5/4/2013

Week of May 4th

This is going to be another goofy week in terms of menus and cooking. I am headed out of town for the weekend so expect very simple work-week dinner plans. I usually do most of my cooking and prep work for the week on Saturday and Sunday, but I won’t be around to accomplish anything this weekend.

  • I have no clue. I will be out of state visiting an old college buddy and former teammate. We used to eat a lot of vegetable stir-frys with plenty of rice and home-made sugar cookies coated in frosting — all of which we burned off on the basketball court. 


  • Same as above


  • Thai curry lime chicken with brown rice. I have altered this recipe quite a bit over the years.  So much so, in fact, that I have even changed the name of the recipe. It is good as is, but I will share my secrets: I use boneless chicken breasts or thighs and do the entire thing in a big skillet on the stove — much easier and faster. Sometimes I cube the meat or sometimes just halve the breasts, it’s really up to you. I also often quadruple the amount of red curry paste — we like it HOT. And finally, I omit the brown sugar and add the juice of several limes at the end. Dump in fresh broccoli or bok choy to create a healthy, one dish wonder. 


  • Surprise night out for my husband’s 40th birthday — yes, the celebration continues. But this is it! Sheesh. 




  • Leftover curry lime chicken & salad


  • Date night! 

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