Weekly Menu — 5/18/2013

Week of May 18th

  • We are headed to Preakness to watch the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown. Maybe we’ll come out big winners! I don’t know what I’ll be enjoying for dinner, but I do know I’ll indulge in a mint julep or two. 






  • Beef tenderloin steaks with horseradish, rhubarb and wine: I look forward to the fleeting rhubarb season every year simply so I can make this dish. We will have it over and over and over again (sorry dear husband) until the rhubarb is old and limp. I ADORE this dish. Don’t be surprised to see it on my menu weekly for the next few weeks. YUM! 
  • Green salad with walnut oil and apple balsamic vinaigrette: I make a simple vinaigrette with roasted walnut oil and apple balsamic from seasonstaproom.com. It’s a fantastic combination and one that I cannot seem to get enough of. I could drink this stuff. 


  • Birthday bash! We are headed out with friends to enjoy a casual dinner at our favorite neighborhood joint — Blue Hill Tavern


  • Leftover pork tenderloin
  • Green salad


  • Poached eggs over mushrooms
  • Green salad

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