Rhubarb, Rhubarb Everywhere

Wow do I love this stuff. Probably not surprising, however, considering I am also a fan of straight lemon or lime juice and fresh sour cherries sans sugar. I suppose I have an influx of sour-friendly taste-buds, which doesn’t always pair well with my husband’s penchant for all things sweet. Lucky for him rhubarb season is fleeting.

So what did I make over the weekend with my pounds of gorgeous, ruby-red rhubarb stalks fresh from the Farmer’s Market? Several jars worth of strawberry-rhubarb refrigerator jam (definitely on the tart side, but oh so delicious) and a vat of rhubarb chutney to complement grilled pork tenderloin. I am also looking forward to enjoying steaks with a rhubarb red-wine sauce later this week as well.



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