Weekly Menu — 6/1/2013

Week of June 1st

  • We are headed to Lexington Market to sample Baltimore’s most famous crab cakes for lunch (it’s a shame we haven’t done this before). We plan to pick up fresh whole fish at the market to toss on the grill this evening.


  • Some type of pasta or risotto, depending on what I find at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market. I am thinking either a pappardelle with fresh vegetables (peas, asparagus, perhaps some arugula) and prosciutto. Or, I may try a risotto with strawberries, black pepper and blue cheese. We had this at Cinghiale last weekend and it was utterly outstanding. I am eager to try to reproduce the dish at home.
  • Whole steamed artichokes
  • Salad or grilled Farmer’s Market vegetables








  • Leftover grilled chicken
  • Green salad or grilled vegetables, depending on what remains in our fridge


  • OUT!

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