Sour Cherry Season

When I first discovered sour cherries a few years ago at the Farmer’s Market, I was blown away by how delicious they were. I was also unbelievably disturbed that I had managed to live and eat in the world for over 30 years having never had the pleasure of enjoying a sour cherry. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Sour Cherries

I ADORE sour cherries. I was so enthusiastic that first season that I recall practically chasing down my neighbor at the market and gleefully giving her a handful from my basket to try. Right then. I wanted to share my gastronomic delight. Well, she hesitated, popped one in her mouth and then — oh my — she SPIT. IT. OUT. What? What? What? Her mouth puckered and contorted and she gasped and spit out my beautiful, precious sour cherry. To this day, after watching her face sour, my husband still refuses to try one. Sheesh.

Apparently, sour cherries are for pies as their sour pucker needs to be heavily doused with sugar. Clearly, my taste-buds are wacky. Yes, I have since made a pie out of sour cherries, but I honestly prefer them as is and will continue to enjoy them solo during their fleeting season.

For those who prefer a sweeter fruit, the blackberries are in full swing at the Farmer’s Market as well. Unfortunately, my husband does enjoy these which means I have to share.



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