Derailed Dinner Plans

Last night I was supposed to make Italian-style stuffed peppers with roasted cauliflower.

Well, instead of a peaceful evening in my kitchen, glass of wine in hand, I was at the doctor’s office, getting fitted for a walking boot. UGH! I am the proud owner of a broken foot. Apparently, I run too much. It seems as if I upped my mileage too quickly and thus, cracked a bone in my foot.

Needless to say, there was no cooking for me last night. Instead, we went to Samos, one of our cozy, local spots for a casual Greek meal. It’s BYOB and they turn out a fabulous whole grilled fish. This time, however, I opted for the comfort of roast lemon chicken and vegetables while my husband hoovered up the lamb chops. And, of course, we cannot dine at Samos without first enjoying their Greek salad — feta, anchovies, olives, oh my!




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