Let It Snow



There is something about a record snowfall that brings people together. Of course, it certainly helps that we all live in the city and are about 3 feet from one another, door to door. We did have friends, however, who trekked about a half mile to hunker down with us as we ordered up a pile of Indian take-out and raided our wine cellar.  What fun!

With Indian food on the brain, I whipped up some of my own Indian fare last night and, once again, neighbors came over to catch up and enjoy the food. I made Indian pepper chicken, which is one of my favorite, go-to dishes. It’s not overly spicy with heat, but warm and peppery with curry leaves, cumin and coconut milk. I like to serve it with toasted cashews, raisins and a shower of fresh chopped parsley. It’s not overly pretty to look at, but darn if it isn’t delicious. I probably make this dish once a month.


Recipe adapted from Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran and Stephanie Lyness.


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