Coq au Vin

There is nothing like a birdie bathed in red wine to usher in the fall season. This. Dish. Is. Spectacular. It’s homey and cozy and complex and redolent of all good things that simply take time — the perfect marriage of meat and mushrooms and herbs and wine.

Not only is this dish just delightful to savor, but it makes the house smell wonderful. If I was trying to sell my home, I would have a pot of this bubbling away — sell your house AND have a long-simmered classic French dish to enjoy. Bonus!

Yes, Coq au Vin does take some time, but it’s well worth it. I followed the recipe almost exactly (yes, it’s important to stand there and brown every piece of chicken), but I did decrease the fat content without skimping on flavor. I poured off the fat after browning all the chicken and also poured off all the bacon fat after rendering. The result was a silky rich sauce without all the oil and grease.

So, get yourself a fresh baguette and get to dunking. What are you waiting for?



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